How to Pay Less When Hiring a Car Abroad

When traveling abroad on vacation, one of the big expenses can come from renting a vehicle. While a vehicle might be necessary in order to get around, the cost doesn’t have to break the bank in order to do it. There are several tips travelers abroad can use to try to reduce the amount of money they pay for hiring a car.

Many travelers go all out to find the best deal when it comes to airline flights or hotels, but don’t think twice about simply paying whatever fee they are told for a rental car. A great deal of money can be saved by changing the thinking about hiring a vehicle.

*Be willing to pre-pay ahead of time. Many car rental agencies are mimicking hotels and offering fairly large discounts to those who are willing to pay for their rental in advance. One caveat is that there are usually large fees charged for canceling.

*If you didn’t pre-pay, avoid using rental car agencies at the airport. These locations usually charge much higher rates than similar facilities that are just a few miles away. Upon landing, take public transportation to a nearby rental agency to save as much as 30 percent.

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*Before you depart, search various companies for discounts they may offer online. Often times, this can be combined with additional deals some rental companies offer through partner programs, such as frequent flyers.

*Try to set up the itinerary so a car can be rented throughout the week when rates at tourist resorts are usually cheaper. There’s also often a better selection at this time.

*Seek out smaller, independent rental agencies rather than the familiar name brand ones. The smaller guys often have lower overheads and so can charge less. They may also have perks or special offers to drum up new business. Locate them ahead of time with an Internet search.

*If the vacation is taking place in a large city, it may be cheaper to hire a car in a nearby suburb. Public transport there will need to be arranged, but the prices could be less expensive.

*When it comes time to park the vehicle at night, check around to see if it might be cheaper to put it in a public garage rather than paying the often higher rates at large hotels.

*Even if the vehicle is going to be needed multiple days, it might be cheaper to rent it on a daily basis. This will avoid paying for days when it’s not needed and for parking arrangements.

It’s generally assumed a vacation is going to be rather expensive, but smart travelers will still look for ways to save money. When hiring a car, there are several options available to help reduce the amount of money spent on that portion of the trip.

Author Bio: Jane Simpson tries to plan ahead to get the best deal when renting a car abroad. She writes for a site that compares auto loan rates to help you get the best deal on buying a new vehicle.

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