Holidays To The Maldives Are The Perfect Antidote To A UK Winter

Grey pavements punctuated with blots of gum, squally showers, gale force winds and cancelled trains; welcome to winter in the UK! Wouldn’t you rather be stretched out on a sun lounger overlooking a calm, azure sea and basking under a blue sky on a Maldives holiday? Thought so; after all, what better way to cope with the dull and depressing season than to escape for a while?

The Maldives really has become the destination for those looking for the antithesis of urban living with its romantic solitude surrounded by tropical waters. Added to this is the understated sense of urgency knowing that time is ticking for this destination. We all know that as sea levels rise the Maldives are likely to slowly sink under the waves and this magical place will be lost to travellers forever. So it really is the time to experience the ambience of this paradisiacal location. Maybe you could even treat yourself to an all-inclusive holiday which will mean there is absolutely nothing to worry about and you can kick back and simply enjoy everything without fretting about cost. Perhaps half board could also be a neat compromise?

Throughout October, for example, a 7 day 5 star trip flying from Gatwick London is being offered at a very special price of £1089. Obviously this offer is extremely limited but it really would be a crime not to take advantage of the opportunity to stock up on sun before the clocks change and our own paradisiacal island in north west Europe becomes fog bound!

A week on Paradise Island, however in a superior beach bungalow on North Male Atoll would be inspirational. The light and colour of this tropical Atoll is like a fantasy brought to life. Water villas are built just above the sea, so the sound of the waves gently lapping beneath the structures will lull you to sleep knowing you are almost entirely encircled by an azure lagoon.

Water sports are very important to many taking holidays to the Maldives and scuba aficionados gather from all around the world, so if this is your passion you will be in good company. The coral reefs and tropical fish are stunning and beat any art installation. If surfing is your thing then plenty of opportunities for this sport exist right across the Maldives and North Atoll specifically has become extremely popular with surfers.

By taking the decision to stay half board at Paradise Island you will make use of one of the water bungalows or possibly one of the 40 overwater villas built on stilts. Air conditioning and a private terrace will help you while away the hours in comfort. If you happen to be on a water villa you will have a private sun deck with steps down to the tropical sea; just imagine that, if you will.

All manner of cuisine ranging from Japanese to seafood and even Italian are available and evenings can be spent simply taking in the beauty of this resort, socialising in the Piano bar or participating in an open air barbeque. Markets abound locally and a gentle 7 days right away from it all will leave any holiday maker to the Maldives feeling refreshed and energised, ready to face the downward slide to Christmas!


If the Maldives is your destination of choice, and let’s face it, why wouldn’t it be, then get in touch with some experts who can arrange a tailor made holiday and offer all the advice need when booking a winter get away. After all, The Holiday Place has been arranging trips to the Maldives for 25 years. Why not click here and see how you can fend off the vagaries of the autumn season, without resorting to a flat cap or thick socks.

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