New York Christmas Events Calendar

For the City that never sleeps, Christmas in New York is a spectacular affair.

As you may expect from a city as vibrant as New York, the Christmas period is one in which there are a number of spectacular celebratory events that take place. If you are planning a trip to the Big Apple over the holiday period, then it is best to plan your events in advance or you will have no chance of seeing them all. Whatever your particular interest, a trip to New York at Christmas will fill you full of a childlike magic and wonder.

New York Rockerfeller Xmas Tree

For the culture vulture, the New York City ballet is famous throughout the world for its winter production of the Nutcracker. The winter ballet spectacular runs throughout the holiday period, usually from the beginning of December until the middle of January, and although tickets often sell quickly, there are enough shows that you will be able to find some, particularly if you are flexible on dates, and aren’t with too large a party. The Lincoln Center is one of the best-known ballet venues in the world, and so it is sure to please even the most reluctant ballet attendee. This venue is also home to Handel’s Messiah, another New York Christmas tradition, performed by the New York philharmonic orchestra.

One of the real joys of New York at Christmas is simply walking the streets. From having seen the cityscape in so many Christmas movies and television shows, it is impossible not to be impressed by seeing it in real life. One of the most impressive aspects of the city is the Rockefeller centre, which is home to the largest Christmas tree in New York. The tree is lit up on the 30 November, and remains in place until the end of the first week in January. Macy’s is also a Christmas ‘hub’, although be prepared to jostle through a crowd if you pick the wrong time of day to visit.

If you are planning on visiting New York, then accommodation needn’t be problematic, especially with so many cheap hotels available online. If you shop around, you will be able to find a great deal in the perfect part of the city for you. Whether you want bustling or quiet, New York has a suburb for you. In addition, it’s always easy to find cheap package holidays< that will further reduce the cost of your trip, meaning you can spend more on Christmas shopping, and even January bargain hunting!

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