3 Destinations for the Perfect Honeymoon

You’ve thought about it for months, you have dreamed about it, gone over it in your mind a hundred times, and you’ve planned the perfect wedding. You’ve done most the work – found the venue, the diamond engagement ring and the must have dress, and now you’re planning on whisking your loved one away somewhere special, away from work, away from everyday stress for the ultimate honeymoon getaway.
Just you two and a moment you will treasure for ever. Here is our guide to three of the best destination for the perfect honeymoon…

An exotic country that is as diverse as you want it to be, with idyllic beaches, bustling cities and plenty of romantic hideaways and famous landmarks for you to cosset yourself away. Bangkok is the capital city and here you will find everything imaginable including beautiful luxury hotels and restaurants.
An ideal hub to base yourself in from which you can explore south east Asia, or simply stay put and sample the vibrant night life and windy backstreets selling some of the most simple, yet tasty street food you are ever likely to encounter.
If in your mind you imagined the perfect picturesque beach with palm trees and the surf lapping slowly at your feet then Thailand can offer you that as well.
Try one of the favourite beach resorts such as Phuket, or one of the many islands so as Ko Samui, perfect for a tranquil proposal that neither of you can forget. Phi Phi offers some of the most stunning beaches you are ever likely to encounter but be warned, if you time your trip with peak season you will find yourself being dragged to a beach party until five in the morning. Heading north will take you to elephant country, and Chang Mai.
Thailand is the best place for you if you want diversity and the choice to a multitude of different things from lazing at the beach to 24 hour partying, and equally don’t want to break the bank like you could if you went across the Indian ocean to the Maldives, say.


Is there a more archetypal honeymoon destination than the Caribbean? It’s always sunny in the West Indies and there are plenty of different islands to cater to exactly what you want – but be careful, if you don’t pick the island that suits you, you may find yourself searching for the rum a lot sooner than you would have imagined.
Islands such as St. Lucia or Barbados offer you the Caribbean in a nut shell; white beaches, coconut trees and plenty of rum on tap. Tobago offers a slower pace of life with less to do than in say, Jamaica or its sister island Trinidad, but is much easier to explore and offers a much more chilled out atmosphere. Time it right and you can even toast your wedding while Leatherback turtles come in for their yearly pilgrimage to lay their eggs.
If you want the Caribbean on a budget you should consider the Dominican Republic, which offers all the charm of other islands but for much cheaper. If you’re feeling adventurous you could even venture down to Cuba. All budgets and tastes can be catered for but make sure you do your research first.

There’s no doubting it, the Maldives is paradise on earth. Luckily for you, it’s within reach of a long-haul flight.
Rich blue seas and dazzling white sands are there for the taking if you want them, while you can be assured that you won’t pitch up and find yourself next to a kids adventure playground – this part of the Indian ocean is pretty much adults, and more specifically couples only.
Get into the castaway vibe and strip away all of life’s stresses in Male – from there you can explore via bi-plane all the stunning natural attractions that surround you. 45 minutes from there is Soneva Fushi, the place to be for the ultimate indulgent honeymoon that will let you swim with turtles in the day and gaze at the stars by night.
To make for the ultimate stress-free honeymoon, find the best all-inclusive offer you can get and sit back, relax and enjoy the fact that everything at home feels like a million miles away.

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