How to Reduce the Cost of a Luxury Holiday

The three most expensive components of a vacation are travel to the destination, accommodations, and meals.  The high cost of air travel and driving are both tied to the whims of the petroleum and gas industries, and there’s not much we can do about that. But there is a secret to having a budget-friendly vacation with the other two – and a luxury vacation at that.  The secret is called Timeshare Rentals.

If you haven’t heard of this, you’re not alone.  Many people are not aware that when timeshare owners can’t use their weeks they list them for rent.  How does this save you money on a vacation?

1. Low rental cost. Most timeshare rentals are up to 50% less than the cost of a comparable hotel room. This allows the rest of us a chance to vacation at a luxury resort that we might not otherwise be able to afford. This great deal gives us a timeshare vacation without having to own a timeshare.

2. Kitchen. Timeshare rentals that are attached to resorts also come with a full-sized, fully-equipped kitchen. Preparing meals “at home” can save a great deal of the vacation budget since you no longer have to eat out three times a day.

3. Activities included. Another large expense of any vacation is the cost of activities. With a timeshare rental many of the resort’s activities are included in the one low rental price. These can be multiple swimming pools, hot tubs, kiddie pools and children’s playgrounds, arcade game rooms, and tennis courts. Large resorts offer extra activities on-site such as arts and crafts, barbecue get-togethers, miniature golf, kids’ clubs, karaoke, or volleyball tournaments.

timeshare ownership

Timeshare rentals are not only affordable, but your vacation dollar is also stretched by the very thing timeshare rentals are – condo-like accommodations. You don’t get just one cramped room. Instead your money buys you lots of space in which to spread out and relax – separate bedrooms, a living room, a dining area, and a patio or balcony. Along with the kitchen, and often a washer and dryer right in the unit, you’re definitely getting a good bang for your buck!

Timeshare rentals are available all around the world. If you’re planning a beach vacation, check out timeshare rentals in Florida or California, the Caribbean, Mexico, along the Mediterranean, the Hawaii an islands, Australia’s coast, or even Phuket Island, Thailand.

Like to ski in the winter? Timeshare rentals are available at all major ski resorts, including the Colorado Rocky Mountains and Canada’s Whistler.

How about fun theme parks? Stay in a timeshare rental in Orlando, FL, or Paris!

And, yes, timeshare rentals are also available in major cities. Stay in midtown Manhattan in New York City, and downtown San Francisco, London, Paris or Rome.  City timeshare rentals don’t generally have the full-sized kitchen, but they do offer a refrigerator, microwave, and dishes. And are still a huge savings compared to paying the high prices of downtown hotel rooms.

Alice Perkins is a timeshare travel blogger for, the largest online market place for timeshare rentals, where vacationers can find luxury accommodations for less than the cost of a typical hotel room.

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