Five Little Known Vegas Attractions

If you are a keen traveler, but find the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip a bit much, you will be pleased to know that there are many great off the Strip attractions and destinations worth visiting.

Las Vegas is a large city with much to offer, so even if you are put off by the Strip’s extreme popularity and business you can still have a great time.

Here are 5 examples of lesser known Las Vegas attractions:

Las Vegas Strip at Sands Road

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Red Rock Canyon

If you enjoy the great outdoors, you will love Red Rock Canyon. This national conservation area is fantastic for hiking, biking, rock climbing as well as horseback riding. A beloved location by tourists and locals alike, many choose to camp overnight. A truly stunning natural wonder it is home to much wildlife such as the desert tortoise and desert bighorn sheep. So if you prefer being out in the wilderness to sitting in front of a slot machine, Red Rock Canyon is worth a visit during your next Las Vegas trip.

The Neon Museum

This virtual junkyard of neon signs, many hailing back from the very early days of Las Vegas casinos, is a fun and very different type of Las Vegas attraction. Here, you can take a tour of the retired neon signs that used to light up some of Las Vegas’ most famous casinos and shows. A great opportunity for photos, this unusual attraction is an ideal stop for history and design fans during their Vegas stay.

Off the Strip Casinos

If you want to avoid the tourist madness that permanently dominates the Strip, you might want to try staying off the Strip. There are many excellent Las Vegas hotels away from the Strip that are just as luxurious and fun as their more central counterparts. These hotels usually have all of the amenities and facilities you will find on the Strip, but without the crazy party atmosphere and throngs of crowds.

Pinball Hall of Fame

If you love nothing more than hanging out at your local amusement arcade, you will love the Pinball Ha

Sunset Strip

Sunset Strip (Photo credit: James Marvin Phelps)

ll of Fame. A small museum featuring over 150 pinball machines, many of which you can play, it is a pinball fan’s paradise! Showcasing pinball machines throughout the ages see and enjoy how pinball machines have evolved over time and get to play some of the rarest games still in existence.

Fremont Street

If you are in the mood for partying, but don’t want the pretense and overpricing of the Strip, then you will definitely want to check out Fremont Street. A lower key version of the famous Strip, Fremont Street features multiple casinos and many top night life options. Famed for its use in movies and televisions of depicting glamorous Las Vegas, this street is memorable for its epic display of lights and vintage feel.

As you can see, there is life and excitement to be found outside of the Strip. Las Vegas is a diverse city with many hidden jewels off the beaten track. Make sure you check one or two of these lesser known attractions out on your next visit, you won’t be disappointed!

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